Surfers on the Beach

This is a great video that expresses why people stayed, what we thought would happen and how residents directly on the ocean dealt with the hurricane and it’s aftermath. A community of surfers that came together to help.

Hell or High Water – Hurricane Sandy and Broad Channel

A great documentary of Superstorm Sandy and aftermath in our town of Broad Channel. Here is the description from YouTube:

This is our final project for our Fall 2012, TRF 659, Documentary Production class. Thank you to everyone who made this film possible, especially the residents of Broad Channel, NY. I hope you all enjoy. Executive Producer: Richard Breyer. Director of Photography: Meg Rindfleisch. Producer: Kate VanEchaute. Editor: Brooke Huddleston. Enjoy! (some edits still need to be made, but for the sake of getting this out there sooner or later- here it is.)

Hurricane Sandy – View of the aftermath from a houseboat in our canal

Looks so peaceful and yet the devastation is clear from the canal as well.

Hurricane Sandy – The Morning After – Tuesday 8am

This is Tuesday morning high tide which thankfully was in the street but not any higher. You can see the oil slick in the road, that was in our homes as well. We haven’t gone into our house yet, and the yellow house moved not only off the foundation, but forward over the rock garden that was in front of the house, and a boat that was in the side yard ended up with the front of the trailer in the foundation where the house should have been sitting.

Hurricane Sandy – Storm Surge 8:30pm EST

The water is actually coming from the east side of the island, that is a telephone pole in the water headed out to the ocean. Normally the water comes from the west side. A lot of stuff, including telephone poles, boats and porches came from the east side to the west, some got caught on the median of the main road, some went past us into the bay, some stopped at other people’s houses.

There is still a half an hour until the tide/surge peaked, but the street lights went out so no more videos. I’ll be posting photos another day.

Hurricane Sandy – Storm Surge 7:18 pm EST

We are still 2 hours from High Tide and the ice machine from the corner deli is moving out to the ocean.

Hurricane Sandy – Storm Surge at 7:09pm EST

You can see the flashing that I thought was lightening that is actually electric poles snapping and being hit by the water.

Hurricane Sandy – Surge at almost 7 pm EST

We are now in our neighbor’s house on the second floor. We watch helplessly as our house and the house we are in fill with water. When I called the insurance company they wanted to know if “the water seeped in”. I laughed and said rushed in is more like it.

Hurricane Sandy – White Caps Coming Down the Alley

Water is starting to move faster, tides are usually slow rising water, not with white caps and not from that direction.

Hurricane Sandy – Tide’s Getting up There

We have things packed up by this point, including the cats, getting ready to go over to the neighbor’s house and be on the second floor.